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Colombia: Breeder of the New Chef

Colombia has taken a quantum leap forward and has advanced in the Gastronomy world. Bogota’s food scene has changed thanks to chefs like Leonor Espinosa, Harry Sasson, and The Rausch Brothers, Jorge and Mark, among others.


Nowadays, the star is Leonor Espinosa, known for the great pride in the cuisine of Colombia, as well as promoting the country’s biodiversity. She is a woman who believes in her mission and pursues it. Now the world has recognized her as The Best Latin America´s Female Chef. Leonor

will prove to the world that she is that kind of woman and cook. That she cares about her people and the local products of The Pacific, Caribbean and Amazon regions.

Through her flagship, Leo, located in Bogotá for more than a decade, Espinosa has shown the homegrown ingredients of these regions in one plate, with dishes like yogurt cheese limonero ants and native potato; indios, tallo leaves, three meat gravy and Andean tubers; or the kapeshuna, native read bean, Santa María de Anís, mushrooms, from the desert and humid forest; heart of palm, sabajón, feijoa, as examples of the tasting menu in her restaurant. She received the Basque Culinary Prize 2017 for her work with Funleo Foundation, where she has given pride and recognition to the indigenous Afro-Colombian people, and she has guided them to transform their cultural and great heritage into tools for socio- economic development. Funleo is led by her daughter, Laura, who is also head sommelier at Leo. Misia is their casual restaurant, where you can enjoy street food like carimañolas filled with meat, arepa de huevo or boyacense and empanadas, filled with potato. There are 30 different fruit juices available.

Harry Sasson is the Best Restaurant in Colombia 2017. Harry, (the restaurant is named after his name) has become a favorite chef in the city since he opened his first restaurant (located at la Zona T of Bogotá), H.Sasson, Wok & Satay Bar, in 1995. Since then, he has become a magnet for colombian society.

Colombia is a country known for the variety and quality of its fruit. We went

to visit Ocati, one of the known fincas that exports tropical fresh premium fruit to supermarkets, fruit store chains and wholesalers in Europe, America and Asia.

Tree tomato, purple passion fruit, dragon fruit, feijoa, soussop and granadilla are some of the favorite fruits in the country, harvested the whole year round. Ocati exports 9 tons of passion fruit a week.

Ana Belén, known as La Chefcita, presented her project La Chiva, a rustic bus adapted to rural public transportation. The top of the bus (known as la marranera) was used for carrying potatoes, onion, rice and alive animals. The Chiva has changed with time, and now is a particular tourism experience around the country. Chefcita will transform it into a mobile dining room and will travel around Colombia sharing its local food.



Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants

1. Maido, Lima, Perú

2. Centra,l Lima, Perú

3. D.O.M, São Paulo, Brasil

4. Pujol, Ciudad de México

5. Boragó, Santiago de Chile

6. Quintonil, Ciudad de México

7. Astrid y Gastón Lima, Perú

8. A Casa do Porco São Paulo, Brasil

9. Maní São Paulo, Brasil

10. Tegui Buenos Aires, Argentina

11. Sud 777, Ciudad de México

12. Osso Carnicería y Salumería, Lima, Perú

13. Don Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

14. 99, Santiago, Chile

15. La Mar, Lima, Perú

16. Lasai, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

17. Harry Sasson, Bogotá, Colombia

18. Leo, Bogotá, Colombia

19. El Baqueano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

20. Maito, Panamá

21. Isolina, Lima, Perú

22. Parador La Huella, José Ignacio, Uruguay

23. Olympe, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

24. Rafael, Lima, Perú

25. Pangea, Monterrey, México

26. Chila, Buenos Aires, Argentina

27. Mocotó São Paulo, Brasil

28. Gustu, La Paz Bolivia

29. Nicos , Ciudad de México, México

30.Malabar, Lima, Perú

31. Biko, Ciudad de México, México

32. Amaranta, Toluca, México

33. Ambrosia, Santiago, Chile

34. Corazón de Tierra, Valle de Guadalupe, México

35. Rosetta, Ciudad de México, México

36. Alcalde, Guadalajara, México

37. Elena, Buenos Aires, Argentina

38. Restaurante 040, Santiago, Chile

39. Máximo Bistrot, Ciudad de México, México

40. Villanos en Bermudas, Bogotá, Colombia

41. Esquina Mocotó, São Paulo, Brasil

42. Laja, Valle de Guadalupe, México

43. La Docena Oyster Bar & Grill, Guadalajara, México

44. Aramburu, Buenos Aires, Argentina

45. Tuju, São Paulo, Brasil

46. Fiesta, Lima, Perú

47. Amaz, Lima, Perú

48. Crizia, Buenos Aires, Argentina

49.Proper, Buenos Aires, Argentina

50. Mishiguene, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Wines of Argentina present in Latin America´s 50 Best Restaurants

Colombia was exposed to extraordinary wine from Argentina Here a selection of the wines:

• Emma Zuccardi, Bonarda 2015

• Rutini Apartado Gran Malbec 2014

• Sophenia Synthesis The Blend, Merlot 2014

• Mosquita Muerta, Malbec 2014

• Susana Balbo Signature White Blend, Sauvignon Blanc 2016

• Tapiz Selección de Barricas, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

• Trapiche Iscay, Cabernet Franc 2012

• El Esteco, Ciclos Icono Malbec 2014

• Zuccardi Aluvional Altamira, Malbec 2011

• Tapiz Alta Collection Malbec 2013 La Luz, Callejón del Crimen Gran Reserva, Petit Verdot 2015

• Mora Negra, Malbec 2013




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